Learning German with Super Mario Odyssey!

I didn’t feel like reading Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen today, but I did feel like playing some Super Mario Odyssey. After poking around in the settings menu, I noticed that the game is translated into a bunch of different languages. And the best part is that changing the language in-game doesn’t affect the system language!

Super Mario Odyssey is great for language learning because there isn’t any spoken dialogue, and the written dialogue is short and easy to comprehend. It’s written for younger children, so everything is simple and to the point.

Super Mario Odyssey language settings.
Language selection in the options menu.

If you’ve never played Super Mario Odyssey before, it’s a game in which Mario is trying to find hidden moon pieces to power a spaceship so he can defeat Bowser and rescue Princess Peach. I’ve already beat the game (in English), so now I’m going back through the game to find moons that I’ve missed.

The helpful parrot

Super Mario Odyssey Schnackehichen

Here’s the phrase “Ich weiß” that we saw earlier in Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen. So, the last part of this phrase translates to “Ah, I know, I know, ha HA!”

wonach — After what.

suchen — To seek, to look for.

What are you looking for, then?

Ah, I know, I know, ha HA!

A moon for you!

Super Mario Odyssey Ein Mond Für Dich

I’ve been working on the Nature lesson on Duolingo, so I’ve just learned that “der Mond” means “the moon”. I also know that “fliegen” means “to fly”.

hinaus — Out (away from the speaker.

der Nebel — The fog.


Fly out in the Fog

Meeting up with Peach

Super Mario Odyssey Prinzessin Peach

With the Google Translate app, I can take this screenshot and have it automatically translated on my phone. It’s the super lazy way out, but sometimes you just need to quickly translate something so you can get on with your game!

Maybe not the perfect translation, but it’s close enough!